/OnePlus 8 também já passou pelo Geekbench – Pplware

OnePlus 8 também já passou pelo Geekbench – Pplware

With the news of OnePlus close to being presented, we now begin to know more and more details of these models.

After the OnePlus 8 Pro, it is now the turn of the OnePlus 8 to go through the Geekbench and leave some more information.

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The smartphone market is moving and we have seen interesting in recent days. The Samsung S20 and Xiaomi Mi 10 have already been introduced and are now awaiting the response of the competition.

With a presentation scheduled for late March or early April, OnePlus is already preparing several new features to try to surprise its fans and the market.

OnePlus 8 Geekbench result is already known

After the OnePlus 8 Pro went through the Geekbench , it was now your brother's turn, the OnePlus 8 also went through this platform.

According to the test, this new smartphone won a total of 4276 points in single-core and 12541 points in multi-core. This is a result very close to the Pro model, which totaled 4296 and 12531 in the same parameters.

oneplus 8 geekbench pplware

Running the same processor (Snapdragon 865) and the same version of Android, at 10, the difference in RAM of the models under test is curious. The Pro model had 12 GB of RAM, while the base model had “only” 8GB ”.

In order to compare with the other models, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro totaled 4230 and 12942 and the iPhone XR 4809 and 11430 . These results were obtained with version 4 of Geekbench.

There is little left to know all the news of these new models. In addition to the 120 Hz screen on the Pro model, there are also rumors that wireless charging will finally be included, as well as the 50W Wrap Charge fast charging.

Although the existence of the base and Pro model is practically confirmed, it remains to be seen whether the Lite model will always exist and what features it will have.