/Pekan Depan, Ponsel Entry Level Penerus Realme C2 Bakal Beredar di Indonesia – realitarakyat

Pekan Depan, Ponsel Entry Level Penerus Realme C2 Bakal Beredar di Indonesia – realitarakyat

Realitarakyat.com – Soon, Realme will launch its newest C series smartphone, C3, in an event that will be held in Jakarta next week.

“Sales of the Real C series have reached 10.2 million units globally. For us, this is a success that we must repeat. That is why we will launch it on Wednesday, “Public Relations Manager of Realme Indonesia, Krisva Angnieszca during a media meeting in Jakarta, Friday (02/14/2020).

Realme carries C2 phones in entry level class targeting millennial generation consumers on May 8, 2019. Comes with a “diamond cut” design, the C2 Realme has a 13MP main camera and a 2MP secondary camera.

Meanwhile, its successor, the C3 Realme, will come with an increase in terms of cameras, namely carrying a triple camera, which is wrong is a super-macro lens for photographing small objects at close range.

Similarly, in terms of performance, both the engine runway and battery power, the C3 is an “upgrade” from its predecessor. The C3 realm brings improvements with the Helio G70 chipset which focuses on gaming performance thanks to HyperEngine technology.

“We carry 5,000mAh, before 4,000mAh,” Krisva said.

In addition to the gaming processor that is claimed to be the best in its class, to bring a better gaming experience, Realme equips the C3 with a 6.5 inch screen. Realme launched C3 in India last week. However, there are differences in specifications with the C3 device which will be launched in Indonesia.

“The C3 Realm in India is only equipped with dual-cameras, but the C3 Realm in Indonesia is equipped with a triple-camera. This shows that Indonesia is an important market, “Krisva said.

Previously, last month, Realme officially released Realme 5i, the “cheap” version of the Realme 5 series. The device is priced starting at Rp1,999 million. Krisva explained that Realme 5i and Real3 C3 will have different markets.

“Realm 5i and C3 Realm are both entry level, but Realme 5i is the entry level for Realme 5 Series, while C3 Realme is the lowest entry level,” Krisva said. [prs]