/Sen „otce Androidu“ Andyho Rubina se rozplynul – o telefony značky Essential nebyl zájem – Živě.cz

Sen „otce Androidu“ Andyho Rubina se rozplynul – o telefony značky Essential nebyl zájem – Živě.cz

When Andy Rubin founded his company Essential Products at the end of 2015, most professional media gave him great chances of success. After all, who else than the one who was at the birth of the Android operating system should bring the perfect smartphone for this platform?

The company, however, managed to launch only one product – in 2017, introduced Essential Phone , which at that time featured cutting edge hardware and premium design. Of course, the operating system was Android, with the phones unlocked by the loader.

Innocent interest buried the promising brand

Essential Phone remained the only one – Andy Rubin's company did not represent any successor in 2018 and 2019, which was not a good signal in itself. After all, most manufacturers come up with one or two major innovations every year. Neither did plans for other products in the form of a smart voice assistant or their own operating system.

The phone did not meet with a positive response despite the interesting paper features. The reviews were mixed – often criticized the quality of the camera, he deserved praise for hardware, pure Android without a graphical superstructure or favorable price tag. Nevertheless, sales were very weak .

In October 2019, Andy Rubin teased fans of the upcoming “Project Gem” smartphone , which was to come with a very unusual design. But in the end, he didn't reach customers – and as the latest reports show, he won't even get it.

Thank you, we're leaving!

This week, the company posted a blog post on its blog announcing the closure . “Despite our efforts on the Gem project, we unfortunately have no clear way to get it to customers. With this in mind, we made a difficult decision to shut down and Essential. ”

Essential Products also announced that the first and only Essential Phone security update released in February this year is the latest update. The manufacturer will no longer provide any further updates or customer support.

The paper also includes four videos in which the company presents what the Gem project should offer . The first shows the possibilities that this device should provide in terms of productivity and entertainment. The second highlights the capabilities of the camera, the third attracts the voice assistant and the latest video focuses on the unusual elongated appearance of the device and its hardware.