/Severe weather potential Thursday, hard freeze Friday

Severe weather potential Thursday, hard freeze Friday

— If you like roller coasters, prepare for an up-and-down next few days when it comes to the weather.

After a warm and cloudy Tuesday, Wednesday was much cooler with lots of clouds. On Thursday, temperatures will rise again along with the chance for storms. On Friday, it will get cold again with temps below freezing Friday night and early Saturday.

Temperature changes coming Thursday and Friday

In short, temperatures will jolt us from the 70s to the 20s over the span of a couple of days. We typically average around 40 days with lows in the 20s but, so far this season, we’ve only 17 of those days

With another warm front moving into the area, it creates a 30 percent chance for some isolated showers and maybe even fog into early Thursday. Once the temperatures begin to rise, so will the chance for rain.

USA National Phenology Network – www.usanpn.com

Thursday will be the warmest day of the week, with a high around 70 degrees in Raleigh and another chance for severe weather. The Triangle will be under a level 1 risk again Thursday, with strong winds possible.

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Widespread rain on Thursday will drop our temperatures again with the highs likely in the upper 40s for Friday. Friday night will be one of the coldest days of the month, with an expected temperature around 26 degrees.

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