/iPhone 維修不怕武漢肺炎!蘋果「延長保固」方案台灣確定也適用 – 自由時報電子報

iPhone 維修不怕武漢肺炎!蘋果「延長保固」方案台灣確定也適用 – 自由時報電子報

(Photo / Associated Press)

Due to the impact of the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic, a previous media report pointed out that Apple will extend the warranty service for over-guaranteed products, but Apple has not responded positively to confirm whether Taiwan has followed up. Today (2/13) confirmed through distributors that The program Taiwan will also apply.

Actually asked Apple distributors, Deyi Digital, and Studio A, and confirmed that Taiwan is also in this plan. It will provide acceptance from now on. If the product warranty date expires after January 1, 2020, it will be extended to March 31 , Will provide a one-time repair service, consistent with the original warranty service, it must be noted that it is not applicable to accidental damage.

Studio A stated that it would cooperate with the implementation of Apple ’s announcement, but also emphasized that Taiwan Apple has not yet officially announced it . In principle, it will begin to apply today, and a commissioner will provide relevant assistance , but the final solution will still be subject to Apple's regulations .

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