/Apple 官網成豬隊友?蘋果把「無劉海」 iPhone 神秘新機藏在這裡 – 自由時報電子報

Apple 官網成豬隊友?蘋果把「無劉海」 iPhone 神秘新機藏在這裡 – 自由時報電子報

(Photo recap of MacRumors)

Apple is expected to release the next-generation iPhone 12 series in the second half of this year. According to the predictions of the well-known sources Ben Geskin and Tianfeng International Securities Specialist Guo Mingxuan, in addition to supporting 5G Internet functions, the top of the fuselage screen is equipped with Face ID identification and unlock The “bangs” groove design may be removed or reduced.

Although the rumor has not been officially confirmed by Apple, the latest patent document recently discovered by the foreign media ” LetsGo Digital ” at the Japanese Patent Office shows that Apple has submitted a patent application related to full-screen technology. In the sketched picture, the appearance of the iPhone with no bangs appears on the full screen, which has once again sparked high expectations for fruit fans for the new iPhone this year.

Just recently, Apple's official website has launched the latest wave of new iPad accessories exclusively provided by Apple. In the “Protection Accessories and Protection” product project, one of them is called “Incase ICON Lite II Backpack”, which is mainly used in inner bags. Multi-layer storage protection design can be used to place Mac laptops, iPad tablets and iPhones in different layers.

(Picture taken from Apple's official website)

Among the many schematic pictures provided on the product description information page, an iPhone with no bangs unexpectedly appeared. Although it only showed the appearance of the upper part of the front of the phone, it was still clearly visible. The mobile phone in this diagram is different from many iPhones currently on the market, and has once again attracted outside attention and association.

Because this newly added backpack accessory product is displayed on Apple's official website page as being exclusively provided by Apple, it means that it is recommended by Apple's official selection, and the content of product-related information also needs to be reviewed and checked by Apple. Based on this, it is estimated that the iPhone in the product's illustrated photo is unlikely to be mischievous or misplaced. As for whether the unknown iPhone that appeared unexpectedly on Apple's official website page is the rumored unreleased iPhone 12, there is no direct evidence to confirm it.

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